I discover this display “Help Make Someone Smile” in Target, Pasadena, California. I read some of the post-its and count the display and notes as unexpected blessings. Photo was taken by me — the author of this riveting story.

Tuesday last black thoughts cavorted in my brain. I remind myself: that’s like so and so and her hatchet judgments. Am I that kind of unaware? I dread this.

I notice a slow drip of negative thoughts brings me down by the end of Tuesday.

I stumble across a story…


Poem was hand-written by author. This portion is also typed below

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” Rumi

What if shame
was a cloak
worn by the sensitive in heart
who no one saw
when they were wee
and eager?

And what if they,
empathic and open

took in the anger

and chaos
of parents in Pain


Woman’s hands turn pages of sheet music over piano. Her hands appear to be of a person of color, and her fingers are topped with orange nail polish.
Photo by Thirdman from Pexels

While driving I turn on the classical radio station KUSC hoping to hear comforting music that will wrap me like a fleece blanket today. The station, which I haven’t listened to in decades except for the occasional catastrophe (not the daily little ones) plays a march.

Not a cheerful march…


Rows of fluttering multi-colored papers, with signs in Spanish and I think Korean saying this is a sacred place where people can hang prayer notes.
“Throughline” photo by author

Have you had a morning — one
where everything comes undone?
The phone doesn’t work, the email too
and dooming fingers are pointing at you?
I have. To top it off I lock myself out of my room.

At the phone store the wait is long
I sing the notes of…


Goal: Ignite your heart, soul, and laughter with humorous, spiritual, psychologically healing stories informed by service as a clinical social worker 30 years.

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